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Welcome to our site where we apply things we learned in English to real life. Many things in life are similar to activities that we do in our Sophomore English course and thus, whatever intrigues us or induces any sort of connection between the real world and English will be posted here. Below are links to pages that we have designed which contain a specific topic. Enjoy!

Organizations - Read and become familiar with the different organizations that help all over the world!

The Next Stop: Zell Kravinsky's Style - Here are some people that we believe to be similar to Zell Kravinsky in "The Gift" from The New Yorker.

Deja Vu! - Reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary and catch some free rides on the road to learning with imagination! Hop on and see which books your other classmates have enjoyed!

Give Me a Word, Will Ya? - Start looking to build a good vocabulary for the SATs or your future English courses. Got a minute on your hands? Check out this word parade coming to a city near you.

FIRST and English - Sharing how English and the FIRST robotics competition are similar.

Stay tuned for more on Real World: Sophomore English!