Here are two sentences:

The next sentence is true. The preceding (meaning the sentence before this one) is false.

Question: Which of the two sentences are correct?

Heres another one.

In a town, there is a peculiar law. Each male in the town must be clean shaven. They may not have facial hair. Now, each man may either shave himself or go to the only barber in the town to be shaven. So you can logically assume that the barber only shaves the men who do not shave themselves, right?

So how does the barber get shaved? If he doesn't shave himself, then he must shave himself anyway, because he is the barber, and all men who don't shave themselves go to the barber. If he does shave himself, then he won't be shaved by the barber. But since he is the barber, he will be shaved by himself, the barber, anyway.

Have fun twisting your brains over those. Here are some simpler ones.

-If everything is done in moderation, then moderation itself is done in moderation. So then sometimes you do stuff not in moderation. But isn't everything in moderation?

Rule: Every rule has an exception.

Fun with paradoxes!