Welcome to the sophomore English wiki. I put this site together in the spring of 2007 for use with my sophomore English class. I have added this page specifically for members of the Punahou PFA as resource for the January 11 Teacher Talks program. The material below on this page elaborates on and gives examples blogs and wikis in an educational setting.

If you look to the sidebar to the left, you'll see the word "HOME," then, below that, "PFA Jan 11," then, below that, links to other pages on the wiki that give examples of work that students were doing at various times during the semester. The actual assignments that generated that work are listed on the "HOME" page. You can navigate the site by clicking any one of the links, which always remain visible in the sidebar. Other links, like the ones listed at the bottom under the heading "EXTERNAL LINKS" or the ones below on this page in blue, will take you directly to external web sites (ones not actually in this wiki). If you click on them, you will need to click the "Back" button (or arrow) in your browser to return to this wiki site.

Enjoy your explorations. If you have questions, feel free to email me directly at bschauble@punahou.edu.

- Bruce Schauble


Blog: a web site on which a particular author posts commentary from time to time

Video: Blogs in Plain English

Why blogs in the classroom?

Extend classroom discussions
Reach a broader audience
Get feedback
Identify common threads over time
Develop the habit of reflective writing
Share and celebrate best practices
Create hyperlinks to related texts, resources, and people

Sample Student Blogs:
Students 2.0 http://students2oh.org/
(This is a blog created, on their own initiative, by six different students worldwide.)

Sample Teacher Blogs:

Bruce Schauble http://throughlines.blogspot.com/
(In the sidebar on the left on this blog, you will find links to many other teacher blogs.)
Doug Noon (Alaska) http://borderland.northernattitude.org/
Clay Burell (Korea) http://beyond-school.org/

Sample Classroom Blogs:
Sophomore English http://iws.punahou.edu/user/bschauble/07/main/
(This is an example of a blog based on Punahou's own web server.)


Wiki: a web site editable by multiple users: collaborative, revisable, asynchronous

(See YouTube video "Wikis in Plain English": (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY)

Sample Student Wikis:
Flat World Tales Project: http://burell9english.wikispaces.com
Soph English (Schauble): https://sophenglish.wikispaces.com/
(This site: you're already here.)
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page