Here are the topics that we talked about during our open forum discussion on Friday April 27. Post your response under the appropriate heading:

How does it feel to be almost a junior in high school? How do you feel as the year is coming to a close?

I will be graduating from Punahou much sooner than I thought. The next two years of the Academy will go by so fast. I don’t think I would be ready to go to college at the end of this year, and sometimes I worry about whether or not I will be ready by the end of my senior year.

I feel like high school at Punahou is not long enough. Punahou and other colleges require students to get a certain number of credits in certain subjects. I don’t like this because it forces me to take classes I don’t think I will use in my future career and limits me from taking other classes that interest me. For example, I would really like to take Psychology and Religions of the World before I graduate, but I am realizing that that is becoming more unlikely because I will not have room in my schedule to fit in extra classes.

My sister is a senior and just finished her college searching experience. Picking a college seems really hard to me because it is such an important decision. Most people spend a minimum of four years at college and those four years could either be the best years of your life or the worst depending on if you picked the right college for yourself. I don’t know very much about colleges, but I’m sure I will learn much more than I want to next year in College Guidance.

- Stephanie

Every time we come to the close of another great year, I feel sad. As we start to come to the end of sophomore year, the familiar feelings of sorrow and joy fill me. I am saddened by the fact that my four years of high school are quickly dwindling down, but happy that I will soon become a junior. There are so many wonderful things to look foward to in junior year that I can't help but be excited.

Carnival is one of them. It's going to be a lot of work, but it's a great place and time to create unforgettable memories with friends. What better way to become closer to someone than to slave for hours under a hot tent making malasadas? Also, there's the joy of knowing that you helped make the carnival a success. As fun as junior year sounds, I know that it will soon pass and before we know it, it will become senior year.

Although we all talk about senior year as being the best year in high school, we know that most of us will probably spend our entire first semester worrying about colleges. After that, we will spend the second semester saddened by the sudden realization that we will soon be leaving Punahou and starting a new life in a new place. I can't imagine all the emotions I will feel when I am a senior walking into my last class at Punahou. That moment seems like it will never arrive, but when it does, it will seem as though it came too fast.

- Fanny

I've been having the feeling that I am being rushed through life. It feels like each day passes me by and I feel as if I haven't accomplished something or soaked in what I wanted out of the day. And to think that college is right around the corner along with adulthood scares me. I feel like I am not ready to grow up or be old or that I am not capable of it. That also scares me because the next year (junior year) will really be a year that counts in the sense that junior year is the year where many colleges look at grades, test scores, etc. I am just extremely afraid that I am going to somehow mess up the rest of my high school career because it's coming up so fast.

Another thing is that I have been at Punahou since Kindergarten. Every year up till high school had always made me think, "Oh wow we have a long way to go still." But now, these past two years have passed by so quickly and I just cannot believe that we are almost half way done with high school. I am also a bit afraid when I think of leaving high school for college. I think of this a lot because I never really had to transition in to new schools because I have been in the same one since I was five or six.

Just in general I am scared of this year coming to a close and I am scared of junior year. I really don't want to mess anything up next year because it really does count. But I guess there's really nothing I can do about it. Going through high school and all the experiences with it are just part of growing up.

- Marissa

To be honest, it is quite stressful. It is the closing of sophomore year which means there will be exams, papers, projects, as well as performances ahead of us. Half of the time, I'm worried about my classes and courses for my future years in high school and college. For the rest of the time, I have my mind on Carnival 2008 or Holoku, and my other activities. I'm definitely excited for all of the wonderful events to come my way such as Function, Prom, Alumni Luau, summer (!), etc. However, I'm also anticipating the hard work, the management, and the labor that I will have to pull through over my Junior and Senior year. I need to be careful not to focus on those things so much, before I lose track of my sophomore year. I need to keep in mind that I must work hard despite the fact that the year is ending!

It feels as if the question about my career and my life after high school hops into my mind more than ever--in fact, I think about it everyday. Am I taking the right classes? Which colleges should I go to? What will I be when I grow up? Where am I going? I feel that I need to slow down for a bit and live my life second by second. Somebody hold me down!

I cannot believe we have only two more years to go. I remember entering Punahou in seventh grade--which was mind-blowing at the time. And it is just as mind-blowing to be graduating in less than a couple of years. (Hah! No, not a few years, but a couple of years, thank you.) I still want to do some things before I graduate and/or leave the islands. All of these wonderful experiences squished into only two more years? Bring it on.

- Tiana


The Triennial Dance Performance (The Little Mermaid)

I'm kind of happy that it is over because I was always really tired and it ate up my week. The show itself is like 3 hours and I have to get there earlier to do my hair and makeup. On the weekend before the performances, we had to do each act twice. So that was about 6 hours, and Charlys always goes pver time so it was even longer. They also had to practice all of the flying and lights. I feel sorry for the little mermaid who had to be there the entire time. At least I could come for my part and then leave when I was done. I also didn't really have a lot of time to do homework, so that is the main reason why I am glad it's over. I am also really sad because it's my last one ever. They only have one every three years and in three more years I'll be freshman in college. Wow! It was a lot of work and energy, and I kind of wish that we could have had more performances since every one was sold out. I remember the first time I was in a triennial performance. I was in fourth grade and it was the Peach Girl. I was in musical theatre and junior street dance back then. Ah, good days. It gets me irritated at the freshmen even more then usual because they have a performance this year and then again in their senior year. Luck bums. Even though I was really tired and was lagging behind in my school work, I would do it again because I thought it was a really fun experience and I enjoyed it.

- Lauren


Interesting Movies

Today's chapel (Mrs. Freitas and her daughter)

Athletic Mental Focus

Athletic mental focus has a huge impact in all sports that you play. Mental focus or the power to keep your head in the game also affects your performance greatly. For example, in baseball you always have to use your head when playing. Some of the things you do, have to do with physical power but most of the time it are your mental game that will screw you up. Mental focus is one of those skills that take a while to grasp. The reason why mental focus is so hard to maintain is that you are always thinking during a game and sometimes you over think or think too hard which will throw off the your focus. I think that throughout a game, the best thing to do is either only think of the things that are on the surface of the water or to not think at all and just react. You should be able to just react because you have played that sport for so long, everything should be second nature.

- Tyler

How many shells does she sell by the sea shore?

It depends on many things. One: how many shells does she have? does she have enough to sell shells in a bundle, or only one at a time? Two: at what price is she willing to sell her shells at? Are all prices the same, or do they vary depending on color or rarity? Three: Where does she sell them? I hardly think that she would be allowed to have a shack in the middle of the beach. It would just be an eye sore.

So, to figure out how many sea shells she sells, we have to make some assumptions. Lets say that she has enough shells to sell in a bundle of say, five each. And she sells the bundles at 55 cents a bundle. She owns a shack on the side walk along the grass. How many shells does she sell? None. No one would buy shells when they are lying all over the beach. I don't think anyone is that lazy.

- Fasi

Why does having a life matter?

When I hear this question I wonder what "having a life" means. In my opinion it means having a happy life. To have a happy life, we need to do things that we will enjoy doing. To live life to the fullest. When we don't enjoy our lives, then what's the point of having one? We tend to miss tons of oportunites along the way, but it's ok because there will always be more chances to achieve happiness. Isn't that what everyone is striving to get at? Our whole childhoods are in preperation to reach happiness. We start learning and working so we will be able to have happy lives in the fast world.

- Eric

Sustainability Cups: Where can I get one?

I thought the Sustainability Fair was a very good. Mr. Otagaki ws standing in the middle of he quad explaining how solar power works. My friend told me that Mr. Otagaki thought he was an eight grader. I thought that was really funny because he was really a sophomore.
My friend Ryan was the first person to tell me how to get a Startbucks cup. You had to go the the "worm booth" located at the side of the Gates Workshop. Then, you had to pick out a paper cut out of a worm with a question on it. And you had to answer the question by using the posters posted on the glass windows. Some of the questions were like, "How long does it take for a plastic bag to decompose?" "About 80 years."
So if you got the question right, they would give you a Sustainability Fair cup. Another question was, "How long does it take for a orange to decompose?" "About 2 months." It was a very interesting booth.

- Chloe

Unforgettable childhood memories; the "old days"

Childhood memories are precious and should be cherished for the rest of your life. As we exit the stage of adolescence and enter adulthood, childhood antics are all that will keep you from being stressed out. Everyone's been saying, "I can't believe I'm going off to college in two years, it's too fast!" I agree with that statment, but I don't go about my life stressing about every single detail about the next two years. I still try to do excellent school work and consider college options; I'm even taking Sat Prep! But one can't forget the innonence of childhood or the joy of laughing at something once in a while. So if some people are rushing and stressing to finish this assignment right now, I'll leave you with one of my other embarassing, unforgettable childhood memories to take from the load.

A while years ago, I was in the Wo Center bathroom doing my "business" in one of the stalls, and someone came in. It was more like six guys giggling and laughing. I could recognize on of the guy's laughter and before I could say anything, the lights went out. And if you have never been in the Wo Center bathroom, it is pitch black in there. I would have stumbled onto urinals if I didn't have my lucky electronic light. I was playing a Pokemon game on my gameboy and I used my gameboy light to get out of there. All of my friends were outside laughing at me, and they grew more hysterical when I told them how I got out of there. Eric Wong was present at this event and I got my revenge soon afterwards on each one of them.

- Charles

When I think back on my childhood, memories come to my mind of how simple life was back then, and I am filled with joy. I could spend hours thinking back on all the sunny calm days and I love going into that tranquil state. I find that it helps a lot if you look at a toy or object that you used to play with and it triggers much more vivid memorize in my mind. I think back and wish that I could re-live each happy memory. Sometimes I feel myself thinking back to my child hood days when I see a landscapes through the window when I'm riding in a car. I think that it is interesting that by looking at something and letting your mind wander, you can bring back a lot of memories that make yourself feel good inside.

- Ruddy

Memories are things that are made everyday. Now that I think about it, we are making memories every moment of our life. I recently ate a fortune cookie and the fortune paper said, "Every day of your life is like a page in your book." I liked that and still have that paper. Even my grandparents have memories from their childhood that they pass onto my siblings and I. Sometimes they turn the memories into life lessons or just use it for entertainment.

I have a lot of memories that could keep me talking for days on end. One of them is how I play with my cousin, Aaron, and my brother, Jeremy, once. Before a family party, we were told to do all of our homework before we could come out. So we were stuck in the storage room. Right around that time, my mom had bought a digital voice recorder. Being kids, we started fooling around with that instead of doing our homework. My brother was in one of his 'animal acting' moods and was growling like a tiger. I had wanted to try a recording with Aaron since we didn't see each other very often. So we recorded in the following roles: Jeremy, the hungry/mad animal monster, me, the innocent girl walking nearby, and Aaron the prince.

Me: Ladidadida! Wow! such a beautiful day! The birds, the trees! So pretty!
J: Who dares walk here!?
Me: Me, just me. Isn't today so beautiful?
J: Yes, especially for maiden soup! ROAR!!
(scratch a piece of plywood in the storage room for walking sounds)
Me: Get away from me!
J: But you look so delicious! ROAR!!
J: ROAR! EVIL LAUGHING (Suddenly, noise stops.)
A: (In a princely voice) Don't worry! I'll save you! Come here beast!!
J: NOOOO!!! I lost!
A: Haha! Now leave!
Me: Oh! Dear prince! You saved me!
A: It was nothing.

Years later, we found the recording and played it back. Aaron and Jeremy laughed very hard when they heard it. (I remember that!!) Now they say that if given the chance, they would elaborate that sort scene and show it to the family.


Does anyone have any interesting quality projects?

I really like my quality project and I think that it is very interesting. When I work on my homework for this project, I actually think of it as fun homework because I enjoy doing it so much. For my project, I am doing a huge book on basketball coaches and players which are categorized by decades. I am having a photo collogue for each decade, a title page and finally a personal bio for each person in the book. On top of that, I am reading two books which are In These Girls Hope is a Muscle and Sacred Hoops and then I am going to write a book report on them. I cannot wait to have my final project done so I can see what I have done and I can have my own personal history of basketball book. This topic really interests me, because I am able to learn more about basketball and its history. I recently found out the game of basketball was first played on my birthday. I found that extremely cool and that I have something in common with the game of basketball. Also, I have been collecting basketball cards since I was very young and I even knew all of the players at a very young age. I would consider myself a sports nut especially for the NBA and MLB. I would love a job where I could be something like an announcer for the NBA or even the MLB. But, my dream job would be to become a GM or even an owner of a professional team especially for the Chicago Bulls or Chicago Cubs.

- Megan Wong

For my quality project I am making a surf movie. I've always wanted to make a surf movie but have never been fully motivated to do everything needed. The first thing you need to do is film. This takes hours and hours. For every hour of raw footage I probably only get two or three minutes of usable material. After you get all the footage you need then you can start to edit. This takes a long time, too. It takes me an hour or two to finish a three-minute section. After you finish all the separate sections, you have to put all of them together in order for the movie to make sense. Then you burn it on a disc and try to sell it to tourists for $10 each.


How much do you spend on birthday gifts?
(Two said less than $10
Eight said $10 to $30
Five said $30-$50
Three said $50-$100)

The Virginia Tech Massacre

For what is said to be the worst masscre in America's history, the Viginia Tech Massacre has made Glodal news. I feel so sorry for those families that have to deal with this occurrance. Over 30 people were pronounced dead including the one responsible. People say that this could have been prevented. I beg to differ. There was no way taht anyone could have predicted that the mudurer would have done this no matter how insane someone thought he was. ALthough, this could not have been prevented, many lives could have been saved if the school had dont something after the first killing instead of just senting out an email. The school should have done a much better job in handling this situation. I think that all other schools shoudl learn from Virginia Tech's mistakes in the event that something like this would take event on another school.