Hm... I guess I'll start off by posting one of the first poems that I wrote in 8th grade... I dug it up today especially because reading about a crow in Crow Is Walking reminded me of my own pets and how they think of our world, their environment, the sounds, and the smells everywhere...

…You Are My Dog…

external image 1659_dog-ear-blanket.jpg

You sleep with me on my bed every night,
Wrapping yourself with all of my blankets,
Though you have your furry, black coat to protect you
Leaving me without warmth.
I am dreaming…
--And not to mention, shivering.

Every morning, you wake me
Bringing to me your favorite toys:
Chewing bones, squeaky rubber toys,
Soft, fluffy balls to chase all around the house.

You think table foods are to die for.
You wait around the dining table during every meal.
If you are lucky enough, you’re able to snatch
A slice of juicy, marinated steak;
Changing your manners from quiet and polite to greedy and aggressive.

You’re quite a spoiled housedog.
You don’t sweep, mop, nor do the laundry,
However, you do an excellent job
Watching over the family, loving us unconditionally
And barking to us with warnings of harm.

When I come home from school,
You beg me to take you out for a walk.
After the workout,
We are both exhausted.

You fall asleep on my bed.
I slip in after I’m done
With my evening business.
I begin dreaming…
…shivering, shivering…