To edit this page, or any other on this site, open the page in Firefox (the editing tools are not available in Safari) and then "Edit Page" button at the top. Make your changes, and click Save.

To create a new page click on the "New Page" button in the navigation bar to the left of this screen. Add your content either by typing directly or cutting and pasting from another document. (Note that paragraph indents will not show up, so you will have to put a space between paragraphs to signal transitions.) You can use the visual formatting tools at the top of the page to alter the appearance of your text. You can use the same tools to add pictures or create links to other web sites.

Once you have created your new page and saved it, you will want to put a link to it in the sidebar so others can see it. Click on the "edit navigation" button in the left hand column of the this page. That brings up a page - basically a text file - which is a list. Type in your new page name in the part of the list where you want it to appear - or create a new subheading yourself - then highlight it and click on the link icon in the tool bar at the top of the page (the little planet - the one to the left - under the "discussion" tab) to select the page you want to link to. That brings up a window in which you can specify that you are linking the highlighted word to your newly created page. When you're done, click "OK" and then save the newly edited navigation page and voilá, you're good to go. Now anyone can simply click on the link in the navigation bar to get to the page. You can also add links to other relevant web sites ("Outside Links") by following basically the same steps, but selecting the "External Link" option in the popup window.

A final note: It is possible for you to post a file and then lock it. So if there's something you would like us to see but NOT edit, you can do that.