Sophomore English

Spring 2007

Mr. Schauble

Welcome to our Sophomore Wikispace. We will use this as a common space for certain kinds of assignments. New pages will be listed in the navigation bar to the left of this screen as they are created. Instructions for how to edit them are spelled out on the "How to Edit" link. You may want to check that out now before you begin.


Assignment: January 17 - Over the weekend, add some content to either the Crow is Walking page or the Soaring Eagle page. You can also create a page of your own if you wish. (Also remember to write your essential questions and at least one entry into your commonplace book.)

If you're not sure where to begin, take a look at the Thinkertools page that I just posted and try one of those.

Assignment: January 23 - (To be handed in on paper, not done here.) Respond to one of the two poems we read in class today, either by framing your essay as a KIQ exercise (what you know, what you can infer, and what questions remain) or by explaining how you think the narrator of the poem would answer each of Christopher Clausen's questions (What kind of world is this? How should we live in it?) Also, remember to do some work in your commonplace book. Your first cycle paper is due C day Monday.

Assignment: January 25 - Find a poem which you think represents Quality in writing and post it on the Favorite Poems page.

Assignment: January 26 - Create a page that shows and explains something that you feel is a quintessential example of quality in some frame of reference that you care about. To look at previous examples posted by sophomore students, click on this link.

Assignment: February 6 - By Friday, write and post your "This I Believe..." essay on the "This I Believe" page. For extra credit, visit the This I Believe web site, print out an essay you like, and write up a brief response.

Assignment: February 7 - Go to the favorite poems page. Find a passage of not more than 100 words from one of the poems. Copy it and paste it onto the top of the page in a new document in your word processor. (Since it is a direct quotation from a text, remember that MLA style requires that you indent the quotation, so do that as well.) Then write a two-paragraph response. In the first paragraph tell us what you see. (This is an exercise in careful observation. Make what statements of fact you can make about what you are looking at, as we did in class with the three-minute poems and the artwork we looked at. Try to get beyond the most obvious features of the text to things that you notice that you think perhaps might be significant.) Then, in the second paragraph, tell us what you think about what you see That might include almost anything: what interests you, what inferences you can make, what you like or don't like about it, what questions you have. Hand in your completed paper Monday. (Also, the reading assignment for February 9: "The Singer Solution")

Assignment: February 12 - Create a new page on this site and transpose onto it one of your commonplace book entries. You can either scan your CPB entry and post it as an image on your page, or type out a (elaborated, improved?) version of your CPB entry, or both. Then link the page to your name on the CPB Entries page. Due Friday.

Assignment: February 15 - Go to the Punahou 2016 wiki, look around, and then post something (100 words or more) on whatever pages or pages you choose.

Assignment: February 16 - We spent today's class looking at an excerpt of Ian Parker's profile of Zell Kravinsky, and looking at some of the specific writerly moves that Parker makes in reporting on the interview. Your assignment: do an interview with someone of your own choice and write up a report on the interview that uses whatever techniques interest you from Parker's article. Your goal is to present a profile of the person you are interviewing, so that we get to know something about that person in the same way that we get to know something about Kravinsky from reading Parker. Post your completed profiles on the Profiles page in the sidebar.

Assignment: March 19 - Work in a small group to create an interesting subspace within this wikipage. Content is up to you.

Assignment: March 23 - Go outside and view the Punahou campus through the eyes of one of the characters from The Poisonwood Bible. Come back and write a report on what that character saw and heard which captures that character's style of speech as well. Post your final draft to the Magic Portal page.

Assignment: April 23: Post the edited version of your in-class response to The Poisonwood Bible on the page link for the appropriate strategy from the Reading Response page.

Assignment: April 27: Your Poisonwood Bible packets and papers are due on Monday, April 30. By Tuesday, your assignment is to post an elaborated and edited version of your in-class reflection about one of the topics we discussed in class on the Open Forum page.

Assignment: May 15: Choose one of the items from Mel Levine's list on the Cognitive Backpack page and provide either a short example of an instance in which you used that strategy successfully, or a commentary on why you think this is an important or valuable strategy.